Welcome to FullDigital.me: Uniting Ethical Tech and Social Innovation

Harnessing AI and Ethical Practices for a Sustainable Future

Discover paths to not only enhance your life but also significantly contribute to societal progress. FullDigital.me, a forward-thinking initiative, blends the power of AI ethics with social sustainability to nurture a community of social entrepreneurs and ethical technologists. 



Meet Egils Boitmanis, the visionary behind FullDigital.me. His journey began in 2007 with a passion for digital marketing and a quest to simplify life through technology.

Transitioning from tech enthusiast to a pioneer in ethical tech solutions, Egils, with over a decade in the field, is committed to merging advanced AI with ethical frameworks to assist you in leading a more impactful, conscientious lifestyle.

Our Vision: Championing a Sustainable and Ethical Future

At FullDigital.me, we champion the integration of cutting-edge technology and ethical practices to enhance both personal growth and societal well-being. Our aim is to provide you with innovative tools, in-depth knowledge, and a supportive community to optimize your efforts in making a meaningful societal impact. It’s about more than efficiency; it’s about fostering purposeful engagement and responsible innovation.


Step into Tomorrow with FullDigital.me

Pause and consider your daily activities. Visualize enhancing your productivity, dedicating more time to your passions, and responsibly integrating technology into your life. FullDigital.me is your partner in exploring novel approaches to living and working smarter, with a strong ethical foundation and societal focus.


What is Digital Entrepreneurship?


Digital entrepreneurship is self-employment that takes place on a digital platform with a digital product. Going online can provide you with a range of benefits, while also pushing you to adapt to a different market and work structure.

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing can offer so much if you know how to implement it the right way. You gain the ability to measure your success and progress in real time, while also being able to change your strategy quickly and according to the situation.


What is Digital Transformation?


Digital transformation can mean different things depending on the business. This can include everything from automating processes, changing structures, and shifting your work culture. How you implement digital transformation should reflect your business’s goals.

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