About The FullDigital

FullDigital.me is a nonprofit that champions social entrepreneurship through the integration of Stoic philosophy and innovative technology. Our mission is to empower individuals to create sustainable, impactful projects, transforming their passions into actionable change. By doing so, we elevate life’s quality, focusing on meaningful experiences in solitude, relationships, hobbies, and learning.


FullDigital motto – “Empowering Sustainability with Stoicism and Digital Innovation.”

Empower – Guiding social entrepreneurs to harness their potential and make a lasting impact.
Innovate – Utilizing cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and amplify social impact.
Stoic Philosophy – Embracing ancient wisdom to focus on what truly matters, finding balance and virtue in our actions.

Automate the boring stuff

FullDigital.me embraces Stoic philosophy by encouraging social entrepreneurs to focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot. This means prioritizing efforts on impactful, sustainable projects and using technology to streamline processes. We believe in the Stoic virtues of wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance as guiding principles, ensuring that every entrepreneurial endeavor not only achieves its goals but also contributes positively to society and the environment.

At FullDigital.me, we recommend technologies that optimize efficiency and increase the impact of social projects. This includes automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks, digital platforms for wider outreach, and analytical tools for measuring social impact. We focus on accessible and scalable solutions that empower entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, ensuring they can maximize their resources for greater societal benefit.

Community is central to FullDigital.me’s approach. We believe that collective wisdom and shared experiences are invaluable assets. Our platform fosters a collaborative environment where social entrepreneurs can connect, share insights, and support each other. This community engagement not only accelerates individual growth but also amplifies the overall impact of the social entrepreneurship initiatives.

We believe that the foundation of impactful social entrepreneurship lies in the love of wisdom and the art of asking meaningful questions. We encourage entrepreneurs to engage deeply with philosophical principles, particularly Stoicism, to gain clarity before initiating their projects. This involves reflecting on the purpose of their work, understanding the needs of the communities they serve, and considering the long-term ethical implications of their actions. We guide them to question not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ of their ventures, ensuring that their decisions are rooted in a deep understanding of their impact on society and the environment. This philosophical approach leads to more thoughtful, effective, and sustainable social initiatives.

We are here to share and grow together

Egils Boitmanis, the founder of FullDigital.me, has been a part of the digital world since his profound connection with digital marketing began in 2007. His initial focus was on harnessing the right technological tools for specific tasks, but his journey didn’t stop there. Egils’s passion evolved, leading him to explore the art of delegating processes effectively. Over time, his exploration deepened into a philosophical quest, embracing the Stoic concept of summum bonum – pursuing the highest or ultimate good in life.

With a belief in living a life aligned with one’s true purpose, Egils envisions a future where we prioritize activities that bring joy and fulfillment. “At 39, with the potential of living 120 years, I choose to dedicate my life to pursuits that resonate with my inner values, automating and delegating the rest. I’ve found my purpose in blending technology with Stoic philosophy for a meaningful life.”

His journey in digital marketing led him to build a successful agency from the ground up, growing from a solo freelancer to a thriving team of over 30 employees. During his 15-year career, Egils has advised and serviced more than 300 clients. However, six years ago, he took a significant turn, selling his business to focus on coaching and consulting. This shift was sparked by a realization: the importance of nurturing human skills alongside technological acumen. Dedicating over 2000 hours to self-development and guiding others, Egils has cultivated a deep understanding of personal growth and professional excellence.

Today, Egils is re-engaging with technology, integrating it with the wisdom gleaned from his journey in self-improvement and Stoic philosophy. At FullDigital.me, he invites you to join this journey, exploring how technology can not only simplify tasks but also enrich lives, fostering a community where innovation meets wisdom for a sustainable, impactful future.

Our Vision

At FullDigital.me, we believe in making a difference through actions that reflect sustainability, simplicity, and innovation. Our community thrives on sharing knowledge and experiences, growing together to create a more sustainable world. We’re not just about automating tasks; we’re about reshaping how we approach life and work, combining Stoic insights with digital advancements for a more fulfilling journey.

Future of FullDigital

You are essential to the future of FullDigital. Your passion for making a positive change, coupled with our platform, creates endless possibilities. Whether you’re skilled in technology, eager to learn, or simply passionate about making a difference, we welcome you. Join our community to help shape the future of sustainable social entrepreneurship, one innovative step at a time.


If you feel that you are ready to be part of this community to learn and share your journey towards your life or business automation, join now!