About The FullDigital

FullDigital.me is a pioneering platform dedicated to fostering ethical entrepreneurship by blending advanced artificial intelligence with principles of social sustainability. Our mission is to inspire individuals to develop ventures that are not only successful but also socially and environmentally responsible, turning innovative ideas into impactful reality. In doing this, we strive to enhance overall life quality, emphasizing the significance of meaningful engagement in solitude, relationships, hobbies, and learning. 

FullDigital motto – “Harnessing AI for Ethical Entrepreneurship and Social Impact.”

Empower – Inspiring ethical technologists and social entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and create enduring value.
Innovate – Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and technology to refine processes and enhance societal well-being.
Social Sustainability – Advocating for a balanced approach to innovation, where technology serves as a catalyst for social and environmental good.


Automate the boring stuff

FullDigital.me encourages a future-oriented approach where ethical considerations in technology development are paramount. We focus on directing our community’s efforts towards projects that not only have a substantial impact but are also sustainable and ethically sound, using technology to make processes more efficient and effective. Our core values are rooted in the belief that innovation should be responsible, aiming to achieve a harmonious balance between advancement and ethical integrity.

At FullDigital.me, we leverage the latest in AI and ethical technology to empower our community. Our toolkit includes advanced AI algorithms for predictive analytics, blockchain for transparency in operations, and machine learning tools for personalized learning paths. We prioritize technologies that ensure ethical standards, such as privacy-preserving AI and sustainable tech solutions that reduce environmental footprints. These innovations offer our entrepreneurs the ability to scale their impact, enhance efficiency, and engage in responsible innovation, aligning with our commitment to societal and environmental sustainability.

The heartbeat of FullDigital.me lies in our vibrant community. It’s a dynamic space where ethical technologists and social entrepreneurs merge, sharing a unified goal of harnessing technology for the greater good. Our platform nurtures this ecosystem, facilitating knowledge exchange, co-creation, and mutual support. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects, we catalyze a culture of continuous learning and collective action. This empowerment network not only propels individual ventures but also strengthens the fabric of social innovation, making every member an integral part of a transformative movement.

At the core of FullDigital.me, philosophical inquiry meets technological innovation. We dive into the essence of ethical entrepreneurship by embracing a reflective approach to problem-solving. Drawing on a rich tapestry of philosophical thought, we encourage our community to explore the deeper motivations behind their work. This involves critical thinking about societal needs, ethical considerations in tech use, and the sustainability of actions. We facilitate a journey of self-discovery and purposeful innovation, guiding our members to not only ask “how” to achieve their goals but “why” these goals matter. This philosophical grounding ensures that every initiative is not just technologically advanced but also ethically sound and socially meaningful, driving towards a future where technology truly serves humanity.

We are here to share and grow together

Egils Boitmanis, the visionary founder of FullDigital.me, has navigated the digital landscape since a pivotal moment in 2007 sparked his interest in digital marketing. Initially focused on leveraging the right technological tools for specific tasks, Egils’s curiosity soon propelled him into mastering the art of efficient process delegation. His journey didn’t merely end with technological proficiency; it evolved into a broader mission to harmonize technology with meaningful impact, guiding his venture beyond conventional boundaries.

Motivated by a commitment to a purpose-driven life, Egils imagines a future where priorities shift towards actions that yield joy and societal benefits. “At 20, considering the vast expanse of life ahead, I decided to dedicate my endeavors to align with my core values, automating and delegating secondary tasks. This realization led me to merge my expertise in technology with a vision for a more connected and ethically focused world.”

Egils’s foray into digital marketing blossomed into a successful agency, starting as a solo freelancer and expanding to a vibrant team of over 30 professionals. Over a 15-year span, he has provided guidance to more than 300 clients, showcasing his ability to foster growth and innovation. A pivotal moment came six years ago when he sold his business to concentrate on coaching and consulting, driven by the insight that technological prowess must be complemented with strong human skills. Investing over 2000 hours in self-development and mentorship, Egils has deepened his understanding of personal and professional growth.

Currently, Egils is intertwining his technological expertise with insights from his personal and professional development journey. At FullDigital.me, he extends an invitation to explore how advanced technologies can streamline operations and enhance life’s quality, creating a community that embodies innovation, ethical responsibility, and significant societal contribution. Join us in shaping a future where technology not only simplifies but also enriches lives, steering towards sustainable and impactful advancements.




Our Vision

FullDigital.me envisions a world where technology and ethical entrepreneurship converge to create positive social change. Our community is built on the exchange of knowledge and collaborative growth, united in our quest to forge a more sustainable and equitable world. Our goal transcends task automation; we aim to redefine our approach to life and work, marrying technological progress with a commitment to social responsibility for a deeply fulfilling life journey.

Future of FullDigital

Your involvement is pivotal to the trajectory of FullDigital. Together, our passion for positive transformation, powered by our platform, will unlock new horizons. Whether you’re a tech aficionado, a lifelong learner, or someone driven to make a difference, your place is here with us. Join our community and be at the forefront of shaping the next wave of sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship, one innovative solution at a time.



Curious or ready to make a difference? Reach out to us! Our team is excited to share more about FullDigital.me and explore how you can join this impactful movement.